How does CorpoBonito by Andreia offfer the best swimsuits?

⁂ The most memorable swimsuits feature unforgettable concepts that help you look and feel your best. Andreia Cardoso creates her striking swimwear designs by finding inspiration for her luxury collections in people, places and events that speak to her.

See how she infuses her CorpoBonito by Andreia luxury collections with those details from her Brazilian heritage.

⁂ Unmatched Authenticity

“Brazilian” is a term that gets tossed around a lot by retailers, but few actually capture the real essence. In swimwear, “Brazilian” designs are now characterized by skimpy cuts that give a cheap, overly sexual look... no thank you!

Andreia’s authentic Brazilian designs feature the cuts that tastefully emphasize the female form. CorpoBonito by Andreia is designed to give you a look you’re comfortable showing off.

⁂ Top-Quality Materials

One look at the soft sheen and fit of Andreia’s swimwear, and the quality is obvious. The luxury collections of CorpoBonito by Andreia use only the finest Brazilian lycra. Feel confident and sexy in fashionable cuts that still offer the support you need.

These aren’t the cheap bikinis that you wear for one season and throw away. Each piece features the durable construction that you can enjoy again and again. Rich, robust materials are complimented with tough double stitching for a look that never lets you down.

⁂ Designer Details

Each CorpoBonito by Andreia piece features the subtle designer details that let you know you’re wearing the best. From the precise construction to the custom hardware designs, each of Andreia’s pieces is a work of art in itself.

Not sure if it’s an authentic CorpoBonito by Andreia? Just check the bikini bottom for the 18-karat, gold-plated seal. Every one of her premium collection bottoms includes one.

⁂ Latest Designs

As a luxury swimwear designer, Andreia introduces the latest trends in high fashion into her collections. Each new season’s CorpoBonito by Andreia collection includes the cuts, colors and patterns that are heating up the runway right now.

Andreia participates in some of the best national and international fashion shows, trade shows and fashion laboratories. She uses everything she discovers at these events to create stunning swimwear and resort wear pieces that are inspired by some of the best minds in fashion. You can see the next event Andreia is attending and even sign up to meet with her one-on-one to discuss her work.

If you have any questions or simply want to say, "hey," reach out at or (407) 415 2452