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Andreia’s Story

Meet Andreia Cardoso, the Designer behind CorpoBonito by Andreia

Andreia Cardoso’s story begins on the beaches of her native Brazil. She spent her childhood drawing pictures in the sand of the beautiful women she saw strolling along the shore. Those elegant women continue to inspire her collections today.

By age 12, she was already receiving recognition for her swimwear designs. At 16, Andreia competed in and won her first bikini contest in a top she tied at the sides instead of the back. That unique design created a swell of excitement in her little beach town, and the next day, everyone was tying their bikini at the side, just like Andreia.

About CorpoBonito by Andreia

From that first side-tied bikini top, Andreia’s passion for swimwear design steadily grew.

In 2011, Andreia followed her passion for swim and resort wear design. That year, she created her first bikini and it was a hit. CorpoBonito by Andreia was born. Since launching the company, women have flocked to her swimwear designs with all the passion she saw after introducing her first side-tied bikini in Brazil.

About Andreia’s Authentic Brazilian-Style Swim and Resort Wear

You’ll make your first CorpoBonito by Andreia purchase for the authentic Brazilian cut and elegance. You’ll make your next collection purchases for the quality and detail she incorporates into every piece.

Andreia uses only the highest quality Brazilian lycra, durable double stitching and subtle hardware embellishments. Unsure if it’s a CorpoBonito by Andreia? Just check for the 18-karat, gold-plated seal on every bottom she sells.

What Inspires Each CorpoBonito by Andreia Collection?

Andreia’s finds inspiration for her swimwear collections in the world-famous beaches she played on as a child and the beautiful women she saw. Other collections incorporate the lively music, movement and energy of Brazilian culture.

CorpoBonito by Andreia is more than a design or bikini cut. It captures the glamorous Brazilian culture and lifestyle, so you feel confident and sexy whether you’re in the waves, on the sand or relaxing at a beachside resort.

Andreia’s designer swimwear is inspired by Brazil’s world-famous destinations, but brought to life on your favorite beach. Browse Andreia’s latest collections to see the authentic Brazilian looks.

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